A Bit about Me


I  am not your typical grandmother… first, I don’t like to be called  Grandma, I prefer Nana and second, I don’t believe anyone should act  their age. So let’s start with my four grandchildren, one girl and three  boys, ages 4-10 years. My daughters don’t like that babysitting is not  my forte. I love to be with them don’t misunderstand, but I prefer to  have them on my own terms. We spend a lot of time doing family  activities and I love that we all live within two miles of each other.  

I  never thought I would be a writer when I was young, in fact I didn’t  like to read. I was an outside girl, riding my bike, swimming, climbing  trees, and making up my own stories as I played.  

We lived in the  San Joaquin Valley where it was hot in the summer and foggy in the  winter. My brother and I were close and spent most of our free time  together. My dad owned a nursery and we were required to work watering  the plants and pulling weeds. (Fun stuff).  

I remember a  particular family vacation: We had a used, blue Cadillac and a fourteen  foot, travel trailer. My parents decided we should see the United  States, so we started out in California, hitting all the historical  spots from there to Washington D.C. and back. Dad was cruising along on a  freeway, pointing out the pentagon, when he was forced into the wrong  lane and we ended up under the Pentagon with rifles pointed at us. What a  sight! I’m sure we all looked like deer in the headlights.  

But  for the most part I had a normal childhood and teenage life. High  school consisted of cheer-leading, competing on the swim team, and making  grades, so that I’d be accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  

I  met and married the love of my life while working as an EMT. When the  girls came along I stayed home and raised them. My husband found his  passion in I.T. (thank goodness)  

Today, I am a high school swim  coach for one of the largest schools in our community. My biggest  success has been being the age group coach to a future Olympian. He won  medals in the 1500 (2nd) and 400 (3rd) freestyles.  

My writing  career began when I broke my leg and was not allowed to walk. I had to  do something to purge my wild imagination and energy. I discovered the  computer, (okay a little late, but it could spell). I spent the next six  weeks reading every book I could find on how to write. I read and wrote  every day until I could tell a story. When I felt I was ready I began  researching and writing my own novel. I doubted myself almost every day,  but here I am, five years later with a completed novel. (Thank you to  all the people who helped and encouraged me along the way).  

I  teach my swimmers to work hard and never give up on their dreams. I  think the same advice applies to me. The word can’t is not in my  vocabulary. My motto: Dream big, work hard, and never give up has worked  well for me throughout my life.